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We are Databrydge

Our vision

Save time by connecting software applications

Our mission

By building smart connections, we organise your processes more efficiently to help you save time. How? By eliminating all manual procedures within your business. From automated inventory management to real-time cash sales integration with your epos till, Databrydge provides an opportunity to synchronise the operations that drive your business to your accounting software. Why? Because it removes human error, allows you to work smarter and gives you more time to focus on the objectives of your business.

Keep your software
Keep your software

In the cloud or for a bespoke on-premise solution, we can build the bridge you need.

Work more efficiently
Work more efficiently

Less manual work is the goal of every connection we make.

Increase flexibility
Increase flexibility

Easy connections to make your organization more flexible.

Always fits
Always fits

We can always make a customised solution that fits your software applications perfectly.


A dedicated programmer at your location? Our experienced workforce can also provide this!

Save time
Save time

We connect your applications fast so you can save time on various tasks.

Dataswitch - about us

What we can do for you

Databrydge offers interface and customised connectivity solutions in an easy to use online platform. This platform allows you to analyse your data quickly and easily, because it integrates data sources from various parts of your organisation. With smart integration, manual work gets eliminated and less mistakes are made. Also, data can be used thoroughly to help fact based decision making. If our existing solutions are not what you need, no problem! We can always build a customised solution to connect the software applications you require. Our experienced programmers can process all your specific wishes and needs.

Our team

Meet our motivated employees!

  • John

John Schrijvers


Gerard den Teuling


  • Alex

Alex Jeensma


  • Bart Vaessen

Bart Vaessen


Alexander Janssen

Lead developer

Margarita Lukjanska


Richard Wemmenhove


Vova Chernetskyi


Cor Haanstra

Product Owner


Senior Developer

Lonneke van Bakel


Luis Nobrega


Luuk Vogels


Adriaan Coetzee


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