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Smart Event Manager

Slimme event management software from Voorraedt B.V.

With Smart Event Manager you can manage booking processes from begin to end. From preparing proposals and preparing your event, to staff planning and invoicing. User-friendly and professional.


The challenge

In the past, the management team at Voorraedt B.V. deliberately built their own connections with financial software packages. These connections are always subject to new laws and regulations and must be maintained. They have now deliberately chosen to outsource these connections to Databrydge. In this way, the existing development capacity remains focused on improving the core application.

The approach

The Databrydge development team and the programmers of Smart Event Manager have discussed bottle necks in current connections. After that, the Databrydge team managed to tackle these bottlenecks in new connections and even provided them with additional functionalities. The first-line helpdesk of Smart Event Manager has also been brought up-to-date which resulted in a significant decrease in the number of support calls.

Smart Event Manager

The solution

By outsourcing the connections to Databrydge, the developers of Smart Event Manager can better focus on the further development of their existing application. The helpdesk has also been relieved, because of a decrease in the number of support calls. A positive collaboration for both Smart Event Manager and her clients.

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