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The solutions of Databrydge help our customers

Rsult: "With the help and knowledge of Databrydge, we have been able to help our clients to take the next step in organizing their business processes more efficiently.
The right strategic choice for both them and us!"


efficiënter inrichten van processen databrydge

The challenge

Rsult specializes in advising about automation of (financial) business processes. Because of their sector specific approach, they look at all processes within a company and help entrepreneurs.

The arranging of processes more efficiently is often accompanied with a new, proper set up of online ERP and/or accounting software in combination with industry specific software.

It is precisely for creating these interfaces that Rsult uses the knowledge and expertise of Databrydge making connections and other API related issues.

The approach

Thanks to a good and intensive cooperation between Databrydge and their technical knowledge and Rsult and their financial knowledge, a unique chemistry has been created. Employees of Rsult receive fast and adequate help with technical API and connectivity issues.

Rsult uses Databrydge to think along about the most efficient process for their client.

aanpak efficiënter inrichten van processen databrydge
Oplossing efficiënter inrichten van processen databrydge

Win-Win situation

Due to the intensive cooperation Databrydge and Rsult exchange a lot of knowledge. The result is increased knowledge about financial processes for the developers of Databrydge and increased knowledge about IT possibilities for Rsult employees. Both parties are thus constantly reaping the benefits of this partnership.

Customers of Rsult receive faster and better advice about automation and customers of Databrydge can use high-quality financial software connections with for example accounting software.

The perfect partnership.

Can we build a solution for you?

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