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We work in different industries

Data is one of the most important assets for any company. Based on your data, you can determine your business operations and develop new insights or business models. As a company, you want to innovate, grow, compete and remain distinctive. Consolidating your data using APIs is a prerequisite for success in the Digital Age.

We have extensive experience in connecting software systems. Examples are connections between a CRM package and an organisation's accounting and invoicing system, or between a time registration system and payroll application. We have tailored solutions for different industries.



You'd rather deal with your business than your administration. That is why it is a good idea to connect your cash register system with other software. How nice would it be if the data from your cash register system is automatically processed every day in your business administration and financial systems?



In your catering business you work with different systems, for example, for making reservations, taking orders, personnel planning and checkout. Don't you want to lose valuable time or make mistakes by entering data manually? At Databrydge we understand this and that is why we continuously invest in the development of connections for various catering systems. This way you keep an overview and satisfied guests.



Databrydge helps you to quickly and securely connect existing software. In this way you can 'just' purchase the specialised applications for all your processes. Not only your ERP software or internal systems, but also software of customers, suppliers and other links in the logistics chain can be easily connected. Chain collaboration becomes a lot easier.



As an entrepreneur, you can save a lot of time by organising your financial process more efficiently. That means: automating as many business processes as possible, choosing the right systems and connecting them properly. Meanwhile, many different applications can be linked to your accounting software.



Databrydge helps hotels, restaurants and other hospitality organisations to automate their bookkeeping. We do this by creating smart connections. So your guest can enjoy his dinner in the restaurant while the waiters simply book the table in his room. At the end of your stay, you present the guest with one bill. No hassle with loose receipts. So your figures are always up to date, accurate and complete!



By using APIs, master data only needs to be filled in and modified at one point. The administration then works at one central point, which means that all users use the same master data. You can then expand the administration by connecting different software or apps to it. Connecting to your accounting software automates common operations.



In order to apply marketing even more efficiently, you can connect different systems you use. The data that you store in different systems can be synchronized with each other in real time. In this way, your relations receive the message that suits them perfectly at the right time.



The core of a webshop nowadays almost always consists of an e-commerce platform that offers a lot of functionalities by default. But in order to expand these, connections are often needed. For example, connect to stock management systems or accounting packages for automatic invoicing and much more. Our developers are specialists and can realise practically anything.



Nowadays, the core of a wholesale business almost always consists of combining the most efficient way of logistic processes with an efficient stock. Links between WMS, ERP, carriers, webshops, and accounting systems, for example, are a must for this. Our developers are specialists and, together with our business analysts, can realise practically anything.

What can we do for you?

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