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CB Healthcare

CB Healthcare

CB Interface - Exact Online - Shopify

CB Healthcare is a medical fulfillment company. They were looking for a partner to connect their own interface with various software packages, like Exact Online (a Dutch accounting software application) and Shopify. Databrydge and their interface turned out to be the best match for CB Healthcare. A beautiful and healthy partnership was born.

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The challenge

Connecting the CB Healthcare Interface witch multiple software packages, such as Exact Online, Shopify, Lightspeed, Magento and Woocommerce. The connection had to exchange the following: item data, purchase orders and results, real time stock information, stock mutations et cetera.

It is also needed that multiple customers can use these connections. This is why the Databrydge Interface is the perfect solution.

The approach

This project was divided into different parts, in order to realize the connections in a clear and efficient way. Some examples are described below.

Connecting the CB Interface with the Databrydge platform: this connection is structured in such a way that we can link other software packages very quick and efficient trough the platform.

Connecting the CB Interface and Exact Online: this connection is set up in a way that all CB Healthcare customers can easily link their Exact Online administration quickly and easily.

The Shopify connection has been realized together with a client of CB Healthcare, based on their specific wishes and needs. Future customers can be easily connected with a few small adjustments.


The solution

The Databrydge interface is therefore extremely suitable for connecting various packages to various software packages. After all, by setting up the connections in this way for CB Healthcare, they can now quickly and efficiently connect their customers to various e-commerce and accounting software. Moreover, they can do this in a 'white-labeled interface', as mentioned above, realized in cooperation with Databrydge.

CB Healthcare is therefore ready to beat the competition in the rapidly growing fulfillment market.

Would you like to have more information about the interface of Databrydge and the possibilities?

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