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Dutch Foundation for Severe Burn Wounds

Dutch Foundation for Severe Burn Wounds

Woocommerce - Salesforce

Brandwondenzorg Nederland (Dutch Foundation for Severe Burns Wounds) strives to continuously improve burn care for patients. This is done by conducting and subsidizing scientific research, supporting doctors and nurses with training, deploying campaigns to prevent burns and helping victims become stronger and more resilient.

The webshop of Brandwondenzorg Nederland offers various fire prevention items, such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers etc.

Brandwondencentrum koppeling woocommerce en salesforce

The challenge

The Nederlandse Brandwonden Stichting asked Databrydge to connect their Woocommerce webshop with Salesforce.

With this connection, name and address data of contacts, orders, order lines and product data need to be exchanged. The distinction between transactions by donors and non-donors also had to be taken into account.

Payments with iDeal also had to be processed immediately via a bank feed. We accepted the challenge.

The approach

After an extensive inventory meeting, we proposed an offer with an explanation about the connection to be made. After receiving a go, we started a scope session to discuss the technical details of the connection and to construct a timeline. Then we could make a start!

Blusapparaat | koppeling woocommerce en salesforce
Bandage| koppeling Woocommerce en Salesforce

The solution

The discussed connection was completed within the agreed timeline. With a satisfied customer as a result.

Aardie Novin, from the Nederlandse Brandwonden Stichting writes: "Databrydge has helped us in a very quick and professional manner. The predetermined investment of Databrydge in money and time turned out to be right. The scoping session has ensured both Databrydge and us to create the right expectations. It is nice to work together if you can discuss technical  remarks by phone during testing and that these comments are taken into account by the same person on the same day. Our collaboration with Databrydge restulted in us testing and implementing the desired connection within a few weeks."

Can we build a solution for you?

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