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Connectivity platform

Our connectivity platform is a multi-functional online environment to build, manage and make API connections available to our customers and partners. In addition, you can import and export data in our platform, link files with formats such as xml and CSV, analyze data sources, perform calculations or add business logic. We like to build on these functionalities, so you can steer and grow your business based on accurate information.

Do you also want to analyze data? Then we can also offer a business intelligence tool. Our interface is an affordable and stable connectivity interface, which is subject to continuous development and growth.

Our connectivity platform is based on Data As A Service (DAAS). The data is only requested when it is needed. This means that we work entirely in accordance with AVG regulations.

How does it work?

We set up the platform once for your company. You can compare this with the group cabinet for the electricity in your home. A cable comes in from outside to supply the electricity. With the help of the groups you can then connect all kinds of devices to it.

After the connection has been established, you can use the already available APIs based on a subscription. If a certain connection is not yet available, it can always be realized.


We realize better than anyone that your data and applications are the lifeblood of your company, next to your employees. And, of course, you are economical about that. And so are we!

The API connections we create in our connectivity platform are extremely secure. That is, among a number of other positive points for our platform, perhaps one of the most important benefits. We offer high quality security on our platform, so you don't have to worry about that and your environment can remain stable and secure.


of our state-of-the-art connectivity platform

Behoud eigen software

Keep your own software

You can keep your own software, so no additional packages are required and costs remain low.

Vergroot flexibiliteit Databrydge bouwt bruggen tussen applicaties

Increase flexibility

Connecting various packages is easy and fast with our connectivity platform.

Consultancy Databrydge bouwt bruggen tussen applicaties


A consultant specialised in business processes will do the scoping together with you.

meer flexibiliteit Databrydge bouwt bruggen tussen applicaties

Work more efficiently

Less manual work is the goal of every connection we make.

Past altijd Databrydge bouwt bruggen tussen applicaties


Our platform has a very high quality security. This way we can guarantee a high continuity.

Bespaar tijd Databrydge bouwt bruggen tussen applicaties

Connections maintained

We manage and maintain the API connections. So you can always use the latest functionalities.

Dataswitch - over ons

What we can do for you

Databrydge offers a complete cloud platform and separate interface solutions. Our platform offers you an affordable and stable connectivity interface, which is always growing. Are our existing solutions not usable for you? No problem, we build a custom connections based on your specific wishes and needs.

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