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About us

We are bridge builders specialized in building smart connections between software systems. With the help of these smart connections, we are able to rearrange your processes in a more efficient and productive way. We ensure a return on investment in your organisation. Our experienced consultants combine their experience in optimising business processes with their knowledge of technical connectivity issues.

Our methodology

Your question

It all starts with your question or request. We think it's important that you get what you want. That's why we start with a short inventory meeting to make an inventory of your wishes and needs. We listen to your own ideas and share our first thoughts with you. Then we will make a rough estimate of the costs. This orientation is free of charge and does not commit you to anything.

Scope & objectives

Our second step is determining the scope. In this we consider the process and determine the objectives, so that we know what you want to achieve and what the relevant parts are for this. This will result in a scope document with a transparent roadmap and budget. As a result, you will know exactly what you can expect and at what time.


After determining the wishes and needs and an agreement on the scoping, we can get to work! Our specialists will realize the connection for you. You will be involved regularly so we make the right choices. In this way, business objectives, user experiences and technology remain in line.

Desired result

The desired result is determined in the scope and the scope determines the final result. When your link is ready, the real work only begins. You will make full use of your applications to achieve your business goals. You will notice the advantages of the created link. Continuity and security are crucial!

Ultimately, you can choose to make your applications work optimally together using our connectivity platform. With this 'integration Platform as a Service' (iPaaS), integration between applications can be achieved very quickly and efficiently, creating great added value.

Our goal

Our goal is to connect all your systems and make them work well together. You do not have to spend time on repetitive administrative tasks and you can make optimal use of your data. We ensure a return on investment in your organisation!

What do we stand for?

In these times of digital transformation, IT integration plays a great role. This integration is made possible by, among other things, APIs. We make sure that the connection is made. In doing so, we continuously innovate. Quality and innovation are our priorities. To make it simpler and safer for you, we have built a platform for both medium-sized and large companies.

We stand for quality and innovation, but above all for connection!

Our team

This is our management team

  • John

John Schrijvers


Gerard den Teuling


  • Bart Vaessen

Bart Vaessen


Aston Byfield

General Manager

What can we do for you?

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